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Airtel Lottery Winner 2024

Dear site visitors of our Airtel Lottery Winner 2024, case you get hold of any rip-off call associated with Airtel Lottery Winner 2024 or Airtel 25 Lakh Lottery Winner 2024, then you have to call KBC Airtel Lottery Head office number 0019188444476. Airtel Lottery Winner 2024 has released a new online method to Check your Airtel lottery Results & ticket 2024.

According to Airtel, The Airtel Lottery Results from 2024 are Available on the Airtel Official Website ( Check your Name, Lottery Number, Winner Airtel Number, and Airtel Winner List 2024. Remember, These are official Airtel Lottery Numbers 9881, 0150, 0044, and 44475. You can only get these lottery numbers after winning the Airtel Lucky Draw. Airtel Lottery Results are regularly announced on this website.

Dear Customers of Bharti Airtel, if You Receive Any Fake Call Related to Airtel Lottery Winner 2024, Airtel Lottery Winners 2024, KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2024 Airtel, Airtel 25 Lakh Lottery, KBC Airtel Lottery 25 Lakh 2024, Airtel Lucky Draw, Airtel Lucky Draw Winner 2024, Airtel Lucky Winner 2024, Then Firstly Confirm This Information is True or Fake.

KBC Airtel Lottery Number Check Online 2024

Kaun Banega Crorepati introduced the KBC Airtel lottery system to help Airtel Winners. This way, you can easily check your Airtel lottery results online. This computerized system allows you to get consoling information about the lottery. It is now straightforward to validate the lottery.
Our modern lottery system allows you to save time and check the online lotto. Please dial our contact number if you have any questions about the lottery checking system.

KBC launched an online portal to address security concerns. This is where you can check your KBC Airtel Lottery results. Check out the list of winners from both the old and new lotteries. You should not hesitate to call the KBC Helpline number if you suspect a fraudster is contacting you about the lottery.

KBC staff are available 24 hours daily to assist you with any questions. The KBC staff will guide you through the lottery. This guide will give you all the tips and tricks to win your lottery.

KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2024 Airtel All India

The KBC Airtel sim card lucky draw is held twice a month. The lucky draw winner must confirm the winning numbers to claim their prize. However, one should be wary of fake calls and SMS. The Airtel lottery department has a dedicated helpline number where people can complain about hoax phone calls.

Airtel sim card or mobile phone must be registered in India to participate in this competition. One can also participate outside India with an active India-registered sim card. The prize is 25 lakh Indian rupees. The winner of the Airtel Lottery draw will be announced in 2024.

You can easily participate in the Airtel All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition if you have the following:

  • Active SIM Card of Airtel
  • Minimum 100 rupee recharge on your SIM card
  • Your Age must be 18+
  • You have an Indian National Identity

Airtel KBC Lottery Winner 2024 will be notified by text message. They may also have to provide their email address. The draw will be held at the KBC headquarters or a designated site. There is a high probability of a winner winning the lottery. However, there is no guarantee. The lucky winners are only informed if they have the correct lottery number.

Airtel will conduct this lucky draw twice a month. The dates are the first and fifteenth of each month. If you win, the Airtel Lottery winner will have to verify their country code before he or she can claim the prize. However, the KBC customer service team can assist if the lucky winner does not accept the award.

KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2024 Airtel – KBC Airtel ka Lottery Number Kaise Check Karen

KBC lottery number check karnay k liye sab sy pehly apko KBC head office contact number +19188444477 par call Karna hi and Apna lottery number lena hi. Lottery number leny k baad ap ny KBC official website ko visit karna hi and jahan par likha hoga enter your winner mobile number, wahan par apna mobile number enter karna hi and jahan par likha hoga enter your KBC lottery number, wahan par apna lottery number enter karna hoga.

KBC Lottery number and mobile number enter karny k baad ap nay “Check Lottery” kay Button par click karna hi, check par click karty he apki lottery details ap k samnay show ho jaiye gi.

You are in the wrong place if you think you have won the lottery by placing a bet on an unknown lottery number. Many fake numbers are available online, and some are from Pakistan. Before contacting them, you should check the validity of their number with KBC. In addition, there is no need to deposit any funds with them. Here is how to check the validity of an Airtel KBC Lottery number Online 2024.

KBC Lottery Winner 2024 25 Lakh List Today Airtel Lottery Results

NoKBC Airtel Winner NameLottery AmountAirtel Number
1Mr.Sagar Kumar25,00,000994xxxxxx212
2Mr.Yashas Reddy25,00,000702xxxxxx875
3Mr.Nitish Ray25,00,000708xxxxxx324
4Mr.Prasant Lal25,00,000979xxxxxx635
5Ms.Monika Pokhrel25,00,000897xxxxxx658
6Ms.Kiran Mahato25,00,000971xxxxxx856
7Ms.Alinakiya Moaiyadi25,00,000999xxxxxx245
8Mr.Ahmed Hassan25,00,000889xxxxxx014

KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2024 Airtel

Apna Airtel KBC Lottery 2024 Ka Results online Check Karny kay Ley yahan Par sab say Phely Airtel number or Lottery Number Enter karain. Sunishchit karen ki aap sab kuchh sahee dhang se darj kar rahe hain. agar aapako lottery chek karane mein koee dikkat aatee hai to Whatsapp Helpline kee madad len. Dhanyavaad

Airtel Lottery Registration Fake Calls on WhatsApp in the Name of (Kaun Banega Crorepati)

There are a lot of Airtel lottery scammers 2024 on the loose in KBC Airtel Sim Card Lucky Draw 2024. They try to deceive people through fake calls. If you receive a message or notice stating that you’re the lottery winner, Do not let it get off. Contact us to verify if it is true.

Unfortunately, a lot of these fake numbers come coming from Pakistan. Therefore, they are +923 or 0092. These numbers could also be internet-based. If someone claims you have taken the prize, don’t believe it until you’ve verified the information by contacting us. Do not deposit funds to claim any prize. Airtel does not demand money from its winners before releasing their awards. This is a way to identify a fake caller.

Don’t respond or click hyperlinks if you get an email or text message instead of a call. They may hack your account by using this. We update our website with lottery winners daily So you can quickly look them up.

Airtel Lottery 2024

Airtel Lottery Winner 2024 Results

Alert: You will receive many fraudulent calls about Airtel Lottery 2024 from 0092** or +923**. If you receive any calls from the numbers mentioned above, then you should report them to KBC Lottery Head Office on these numbers: 0019188444476 & 0019188444477

Everybody wants to win the Airtel Lottery 25 Lacs regardless of whether or not they are registered with KBC Airtel. Therefore, they don’t have to confirm the head office numbers posted on the official KBC website. Many people want to discredit this game show’s image. Although this game show is highly recommended nationwide, they wish to deny it. The citizens of this country should avoid these temporary tricksters. KBC can help you prevent this fraud.

You can register for the Airtel sim card lucky draw online. This competition is free to enter and is open to people from all over India. It’s easy to register. Once you win, you’ll receive instructions on how to claim your prize. The Airtel Lottery winner will be notified within a few weeks.

Airtel Lottery Winner 2024 List

According to AIRTEL & KBC, the official list of 25 Lakh lottery cash winners is here.

  1. Mr. Santi Lal Mishra, the 25 Lakh Cash Prize Lottery Number, is 8991.
  2. Mr. Bharat Singh, the winner of the 25 Lakh Cash Prize Lottery Number, is 89912.
  3. Mr. Mohan Lal Tripathi, the winner of the 25 Lakh Cash Prize Lottery Number, is 89913.
  4. Mr. Dr. Bhajan Das, the winner of the 25 Lakh Cash Prize Lottery Number, is 89915.
  5. Mr. Kalola Reddy, the winner of the 25 Lakh Cash Prize Lottery Number, is 98810.
  6. Ms. Noha Mona, the winner of the 25 Lakh Cash Prize Lottery Number, is 8815.
  7. Ms. Arti Padu, the winner of the 25 Lakh Cash Prize Lottery Number, is 1122.
  8. Mr. Khalid Pathi, the winner of the 25 Lakh Cash Prize Lottery Number, is 0786.
  9. Ms. Santi Pandey, the winner of the 25 Lakh Cash Prize Lottery Number, is 0044.
  10. Ms. Prof. Janvi Kapoor, the winner of the 25 Lakh Cash Prize Lottery Number, is 4475.

Beware of Fraudulent KBC Airtel Lottery Callers.

Dear Customer of KBC, Now You Can Participate in Airtel Lucky Draw 2024 and Become an Airtel Lottery Winner 2024 or KBC Airtel Lottery Winner 2024. You can join the Airtel Lottery Scheme 2024 by using your own Sim Cards of Jio, Idea, Airtel, or Vodafone and get a chance to have your name on the Airtel Winner List 2024.

If You Receive Any Type Airtel/Vodafone Lottery No 8991,89915, etc. Call our Lottery Head Office Number and Customer Services Helpline to Provide Reliable Information to Airtel Winner 2024. So Keep Connected with Bharti Airtel & KBC 2024.

KBC Airtel Sim Card Lucky Draw 2024 Winners list Fake Calls

Dear customers of Airtel, these days, you are receiving a lot of Airtel KBC lottery fake calls in the Name of Airtel KBC Lottery Winner 2024. some scammers aim at innocent people for financial purposes. In other words, the mobile lottery scam is back. The scammers demand the money in Their A/C #. They also send SMS to improve themself as Airtel KBC officers.

We warn you not to respond to this type of call or SMS. To reduce KBC and Airtel Lottery fraud, we are establishing the Airtel KBC lottery information center here, and you can check your Airtel KBC lottery 2024 online. You can also view your name in the Airtel KBC winner list 2024; if you don’t have a registered lottery, call us and get your correct number.

Airtel Lottery Winner 2024

KBC Airtel Winner Lottery 2024 – How to Win the KBC Lottery

If you’ve recently purchased an Airtel sim card and you’ve been told you’ve won the KBC Airtel Lottery 2024, there are a few things you need to know. You should make sure you’re registering your number with the right company. If you get a fake lottery notification, you should double-check the validity. You might also want to check your luck by calling the KBC helpline at +19188444477.

Once you’ve signed up with a KBC lottery company, you should know how to play the Airtel lottery. Whether you play the lottery at home or in a store, you should find information about winning the lottery, such as your Airtel Lottery Number. This means you’ll contact the lucky person in the next few days, and they’ll call you back. In addition, you should avoid calling fake numbers and make sure to recharge your sim regularly.

First of all, beware of fake phone numbers. Many people are fooled by fake Airtel phone numbers, especially those originating in Pakistan. Keeping your personal information safe is essential, so don’t give it to anyone claiming to have won the lottery. It’s good to verify your winning number with the lottery company. You don’t have to deposit any money, so you don’t have to worry about scammers taking your prize money.

KBC Airtel Lottery Results 2024

The KBC lottery company conducts the Airtel lottery. The Airtel lottery winner will receive a phone call from the winning lottery number within a few days. The lucky winner should not call fake numbers, and he/she should recharge the sim regularly. The lucky winner will also have to contact the head office of the lottery to claim the prize.

You can check the Airtel lottery winner results on this website every day. The website also contains a list of winners. You can also contact the head office of KBC to claim your prize. The KBC staff will be happy to answer your queries regarding the lottery. They will also provide you with tips on how to win the lottery.

If you’re a lucky Airtel lottery winner, recharge your sim. The lucky draw is held monthly and includes over a thousand SIM card companies. The winning number will be announced in 2024. It would be best to recharge your phone monthly to continue winning the lottery.

To check your Airtel lottery number online, you must register with KBC and follow the abovementioned steps. You can also check the winning numbers by calling the KBC representative. This service is also available for the KBC lottery app on your smartphone. You can also check previous years’ results by visiting the KBC website.